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Every Friday: Bible Study following 5:00 P.M. Divine Liturgy, Join us!


Pirohi Sale November 9, 2018

$9.00 per dozen (potato, kraut, cottage cheese & lekvar)

Phone orders: 724-375-6652 (Call the day before the sale)


Christmas Cookie and Nutroll Sale: December 16 & 23

Traditional & ethnic Christmas cookies will be sold as well as nutrolls. We ask that you order nutrolls in advance. Christmas cookies will be $8.00 a dozen. Nutrolls will be $14.00 each. Let us do the baking for you! Please call 724-375-2742 to place your order.

Christmas Party: Sunday December 30

Our annual Christmas party for the parishes of St. George and St. Mary will be on Sunday, December 30. As is proper, we will celebrate Christmas during Christmas! Our hectic shopping and preparation will be done! We will also celebrate the upcoming New Year. More information to follow, mark your calendars.

The Solemn Consecration of the City of Aliquippa to the Hearts of  Jesus and Mary – June 4, 2016: (Links below)



GOOGLE offers virtual tour to unique wooden churches of Carpathian region